About Lim Studio

Susan Shannon- Owner & Primary Designer of Lim Studio

Lim Studio was founded by Susan Shannon, a nationally recognized, award-winning new jewelry designer.  She has already won two major victories for her collection by taking the WJA’s Grand Prize in their 2010 DIVA contest with her Blackened Koi Locket and Cuff series.  Further, her fin earrings with amethyst drops won a highly coveted spot in the AGTA‘s Emmys Award Jewelry Suite in 2010.  Both pieces are part of her new Water Garden Collection.  Her pieces can also be seen in the AGTA’s Spectrum Award Collections ( 2011 Classical Collection, 2011 Business Day Wear Collection, 2011 Evening Wear CollectionTwo Koi Ring, Water RingKoi Fin ).

Susan has designed over 100 pieces of 18kt gold, diamond & gemstone jewelry for her fantastic new ‘Water Garden’ collection.  The collection is broken down into five sub- collections:  Koi, Lotus & Lily Pad, Dogwood Blossoms, Poplar Leaves & Water- each focusing on different elements of a koi pond.  The collection is well honed and highly sculptural in nature.  18kt yellow gold takes center stage, which is bold in an era where gold prices are soaring*.  But bold is exactly how one would describe the collection.  With the advent of computer aided jewelry design (CAD), many designs in the market today are highly technical, highly symmetrical and sometimes lacking in the warmth & interest that many of us desire.  Although Susan uses a CAD program as well, she has mastered the tool to produce organic, three-dimensional, highly textured wearable sculpture.  It has taken over a year’s intensive labor and attention to detail to produce this extraordinary collection.

People today are looking for something unique.  Something that will stand out and help them express their unique personalities.  Lim Studio’s ‘Water Garden Collection’ and Wedding Rings will do just that.

Susan is also proud to announce the environmental friendliness of her manufacturing process.  Little to no chemicals and virtually no waste are produced in Lim Studio’s high tech approach to jewelry creation.  Data files from the designs are ‘fed’ into wax milling machines which quickly produce reproductions in re-usable, natural wax.  A re-usable mold is produced and the molten metal is poured.  As most pieces are single cast items, no soldering & pickling chemical and fumes, the dirtiest part of traditional jewelry creation techniques, are needed.   The gemstones are hand set by professional jewelers and the piece is finished!

Lim Studio is also proud to support the ‘Made in America’ effort.  Due to the low manual labor involved in producing its designs, Lim Studio uses only American companies and can still deliver the same low prices (or lower!) as overseas manufacturing.  You can feel good about buying from Lim Studio as well as use the ‘Made in America’ label when selling our products.

As to the future, Susan says, “Watch for further installments of the ‘Water Garden Collection” (think bugs & amphibians!) as well as a new collection, which I’m keeping secret for now!”

*Although we suggest 18kt gold, we will gladly work with you to produce the collection in Argentium silver & Swarovski Crystals or vermeil & semi-precious gemstones.