Wholesale Information

Our Strategy and Commitment:

  • Lim Studio is a wholesale only jewelry company.  We work hard to ensure that our clients are happy and extremely satisfied with our products- not only for the first order, but for all future orders as well!  Our first priority is to establish long-lasting, personal relationships with both our suppliers and our retail outlets.   We know that your success is directly linked to our success.

Collection Catalogs:

  • Wholesale catalogs with price lists (or quick quotes for customized orders) are available upon request.
  • Because each of these designs are created in a CAD program, they can easily (and at no extra customization cost or time to you) be produced to your exact specifications.  We can deliver any metal and any gemstone to suit your target price point.
  • We can work with each client to determine what metal (18kt gold:  yellow or white), platinum, vermeil , or Argentium Silver would best suit your clientele and price point.
  • We will also work with you on the desired gemstones for your personalized, Lim Studio Water Garden Collection.  We can produce any of these designs with semi-precious gemstones, diamonds & spinels, or with Swarovski Crystals for Argentium Silver pieces.  If you would like to match a season’s colors, we would be happy to accept your color swatches and match your order perfectly!

Wedding Rings:

  • Lim Studio has created an exquisite and unique line of wedding rings.  Each ring can be created with any metal, finish and gemstones.   Lim Studio can also design a line of wedding rings to suit your clientele.
  • In order to help our clients control cost, we offer the ordered wedding rings as an inexpensive sample line which you can purchase for your customers to better visualize the final products. Your customers can touch these real looking products, try them on and order their size.  They can even make some small modifications such as metal & gem color at no extra charge.  If they wish, they can even enter into a extra design process with the original design as the base point from which to begin.  This would be an extra service which your store could provide and generate extra revenue. We will send a wax to you to ensure your customer’s full satisfaction.  Only when the customer is entirely satisfied and committed to their choice will we produce the final piece.  This reduces the chance for returns and ensures happy, repeat customers for you!  Brides will treasure not only the final ring or pendant, but she will now also cherish the entire design experience!
  • With a minimal investment, your store can now offer a wide range of wedding ring styles as well as the entire wedding ring design experience.  As people are willing to invest heavily in their wedding bands in a good economy or bad, this can lead to critical sales when all else fails to provide needed revenue.

Order Minimums:

  • As Lim Studio is a wholesale only company, reasonable minimums will be discussed per orders.  This will generally be decided based on the best display for Lim Studio pieces in your store.  Lim Studio is interested in helping your store succeed.  We view our relationship as mutually beneficial.  When you succeed, we succeed.  We want to make sure that our products are represented beautifully in your store so that they will sell successfully.

Credit Terms:

  • Lim Studio’s credit terms are as follows for first time buyers:  50% down payment on order and 50% before final delivery.  More flexible terms can be worked out later for established customers.


  • Small orders (single store order) require a 30 day delivery time
  • Large orders (multiple stores) require 60 days

Returns/ Exchanges:

  • Lim Studio has a rigorous quality control system:  each piece is meticulously hand inspected before delivery.  If, however, in the minute chance that there is a manufacturing problem upon receipt of goods, we will be happy to replace your defective merchandise immediately if contacted within one week of receipt.
  • Otherwise, we don’t accept returns or exchanges.